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View your workflow history

Last updated: September 8, 2021

Applies to:

Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise
Sales Hub Professional, Enterprise
Service Hub Professional, Enterprise
Operations Hub Professional

 After creating your workflow and turning it on, you can view its history to see events that have occurred in the workflow. From the History page, you can also view the workflow version at the time of individual events.

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Automation > Workflows.
  • Click the name of a workflow.
  • Click the History tab.

To watch an overview of workflow history, check out the video below:

See the full HubSpot Academy lesson: Workflows deep dive

Action logs

On the Actions logs tab, view the events that have happened within the past 90 days, including enrollments. For enrollments and actions that happened more than 90 days ago, check out the Enrollment history tab.

The events are displayed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent events appearing at the top.

  • The Action logs table displays:
    • [Record]: the name of the record that links to its record page.
    • Action: the step of the workflow that caused the event.
    • Event: the result of the action.
    • Time: when the action happened. The timestamp reflects the account's default time zone.
  • By default, the workflow displays events over all time and all types. To filter events, in the upper left, click the dropdown menus:
    • All time: filter by time period.
    • All action types: filter by action.
    • All events: filter by Progress updates, Successful actions, or Alerts and errors. This can help to identify workflow issues, such as an email failing to send.
  • In the upper right, use the search bar to search for a specific object. If the object is currently enrolled or has ever been enrolled in the workflow, you can view all workflow events that occurred to the object.

  • To unenroll a record from the workflow, hover over an event, then click Unenroll.
  • To view the workflow revision at the time of an event, hover over an event, then click Event details.

    • Click the Timestamp under Workflow revision at time of event. This timestamp reflects when the workflow was revised. You will also see the user who changed the workflow underneath the timestamp.
    • On the workflow revision screen, view the enrollment conditions and actions set in the workflow in that version. You can click the enrollment triggers and action boxes to view the details of that version. The workflow cannot be edited from this view.

Please note: workflow settings such as unenrollment and suppression aren't included in revision history. Revisions are read-only and can't be restored.

    • To return to the previous screen, click Back to history in the upper-left, or click Back to workflows to return to the workflow dashboard.

Enrollment history

In the Enrollment history tab, view all workflow enrollments, including enrollments from more than 90 days ago. Enrollment history will also display all actions that occurred for a record.

To view the complete workflow history for a record in the Enrollment history tab:

  • Hover over the record you want to see the history of, then click Enrollment details.
  • In the right panel, view the record's workflow history. Workflow events will be listed in descending order, with the initial enrollment at the top. 
    • To view the details of an event, click the name of the event to expand it. 
      • Time: the time that the event happened.
      • Workflow revision at time of event: the version of the workflow at the time of the event. You will also see the user who changed the workflow. Click the timestamp to view the workflow layout at the time.
      • Action: the step of the workflow where the action occurred. Click the action name to view the action in the workflow editor.


Workflow changes

On the Workflow changes tab, view the revision history of the workflow, including the user who made each change.

To view a workflow's change history:

  • Click the Workflow changes tab.


  • View the workflow change history. Changes will be listed in chronological order, with the most recent change at the top. The User  column displays the user who made the change.
  • To filter by specific type of change, click the All event types dropdown menu, then select an event type.
  • To see what the workflow looked like at a particular revision, hover over the revision, then click View revision.  

  • On the workflow revision screen, view the enrollment conditions and actions set in the workflow in that version. You can click the enrollment triggers and action boxes to view the details. The workflow cannot be edited from this view.