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How can I prevent people from submitting a form using certain email domains?

Last updated: March 21, 2018

Available For:

Marketing: Basic, Pro, Enterprise
Sales: N/A
Service: N/A

Follow the steps below to prevent users from submitting your form with email addresses at certain domains.

  • In your HubSpot Marketing BasicProfessional, or Enterprise account, navigate to Contacts > Forms.
  • Click the name of your form.
  • Hover over the email field and click edit.
  • Enter the domains you want to block under Email Domains to Block, separated by commas.
    • Enter: "gmail.com" or "gmail.com, hotmail.com"
    • Do not enter: "www.gmail.com" or "@gmail.com"
  • You can also check the Block free email providers checkbox to block HubSpot's default list of free domains.
Email domains to block
  • Click Save.

When visitors attempt to enter a blocked domain in the Email field, they will see a message asking them to enter a business email address. 

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