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Last updated: June 20, 2018

Applies to:

Website add-on
Marketing Hub Basic, Professional, Enterprise

HubDB is a website add-on tool in your HubSpot Marketing Hub Basic, Professional, or Enterprise account. With HubDB, you can build tables for easy addition and removal of data in your website or landing pages. This is especially useful for event calendars, product catalogs, employee listings, and resource libraries.

Please note: HubDB should be implemented by a designer or developer who is comfortable with using HubL or JSON APIs. To build HubDB tables, it's strongly recommended to start with the designers documentation on HubDB: HubDB concepts and functions and HubDB tutorial for Designers.

Once your HubDB table has been set up, you can easily add, edit, or remove data in the table as needed:

  • In your HubSpot Marketing Hub Basic, Professional, or Enterprise account, navigate to Marketing > Website > Website Pages.
  • In the left sidebar, click the More tools dropdown menu and select HubDB.
  • Locate the existing table you want to add to or remove data from, then click the Actions dropdown menu and select Edit.

Please note: users must have Edit HubDB tables enabled in admin access in order to configure table settings and create, clone, unpublish, or delete HubDB tables. Additionally, users need Write and Publish permissions for HubDB to add data to and edit existing data in HubDB tables.

  • To remove an existing row of data, hover over the row ID and click the dropdown icon downCarat, then select Remove.

  • To add a new row of data, click Add row at the bottom of the table and enter your data into the new row.

  • To edit data in an existing row, click into the respective field you want to edit and make your changes.

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