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Last updated: August 3, 2018

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Marketing Hub: Basic, Pro, Enterprise

When designing a site, there may be sections of the page that you want to keep reusing across your entire site. With the design manager, you can create global content to reuse across any template. 

Global content can be composed of either a group of content modules or a single content module that makes up an essential element of your website pages. This is content that you want to create once and then add across various locations on your site. 

Please note: when edited, changes to a global module or group will apply across every website page that uses the global content in its template. Flexible columns and custom coded modules cannot be used in global groups. 

Navigate to Design Manager

In your HubSpot Marketing Hub Basic, Professional, or Enterprise account, navigate to Marketing > Files and Templates > Design Tools. Open the template layout that you want to edit.

Set up your content

After choosing or creating a template layout, click any module to customize it. In the right sidebar menu, hover over and click the thumbnail in the Default Content section. You can then edit the content in the text field.

When setting up global groups, you can edit the options of multiple modules and then group them. Select one module, press the Ctrl (or Command) key on your keyboard and then click the group icon groupModule in the right sidebar menu.

Make global modules and groups

After editing the options of any module, you can make that module global by clicking it and then selecting More > Convert to global module in the right sidebar menu.

Similarly, make a module group global by clicking More > Convert to global group in the right sidebar menu.

Please note: global modules can be used in email templates, but you cannot create a global module from within an email template. Global modules that contain smart rules based on country, device type, referral source or preferred language are not supported in email templates.


Add global module or group to template

Once you have made a module or group global, you can add it to other templates. 

To add a global module or a global group to a template, click Add in the right sidebar menu. Click and drag your global group into your template. 

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Remove a module from a global group

If you need to remove a module from a previously created global group, in your design manager, locate the group to edit and click the global group in your template.  

In your design manager, a second tab will open, which will show all the modules in your global module group. To remove one of the modules, click the module and then click the trash can icon delete in the right sidebar menu.
When you’re finished removing the modules, click Publish changes in the upper right-hand corner to push the changes live.

Manage global content

You can view all your global content in design manager as you're editing your template. Once you make a group global, click the dropdown menu in the right sidebar menu below the group's name to see a list of your global content. 

Global modules can be converted back to a local version on any template. Global groups can be cloned and added to a different template, but not converted to a local version.

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