What options do I have to allow my contacts to unsubscribe?

Last updated: March 20, 2017

Applies to:

Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise
Legacy Marketing Hub Basic

At any given time, any of your contacts may receive one of your marketing emails and feel the need to opt-out. Maybe they want to opt-out of receiving all types of email communication no matter the topic or maybe they just want to modify their subscription preferences and choose to receive only certain types of emails from you. 

This article walks through how to use the CAN-SPAM Office Location module to include your unsubscribe links to give your contacts the power to control what kinds of emails they receive.

CAN-SPAM Office Location Information module in an email template

In your email template, you are required to include subscription options for your contacts. The perfect module for this is the CAN-SPAM Office Location Information module.

  • In the editor in your email template layout > locate the CAN-SPAM Office Location Information module > Click the gear > Edit Options
  • In the Edit Module Options window, you may insert one or both subscription links by clicking the +Unsubscribe link button.

  • Click the dropdown for Choose the merge tag and select one of the following link options:
    • Subscriptions Link: allows contact recipients to select which email types they wish to opt-in to or opt-out of
      • For designers, this hubL token looks like this in the source code {{ unsubscribe_link }}
    • Automatically Unsubscribe Link: allows contacts to opt-out of all email communications
      • For designers, this hubL token looks like this in the source code  {{unsubscribe_link_all}} 

  • You can also adjust the anchor text for each link. Click Create to insert the link.
  • Click Done > Publish changes

Please note: In the event you do not have at least one of these subscription tokens in your email template, you will not be able to publish your template and will receive an error. Read more here.

In addition to one of the above tokens, you can also include a direct link to your unsubscribe page. Take your primary HubSpot email domain and add the following at the end /hs/manage-preferences/unsubscribe-simple. For example, if is set as primary for Email in your Domain Manager, your simple unsubscribe link would be