How do I schedule an email send with HubSpot Sales?

Last updated: May 22, 2018

With the Send Later feature from the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension, you can compose emails when it’s convenient for you and schedule them to send at the right moment.

Please note: the send later feature is currently available only for Gmail and G Suite (formerly Google Apps) inboxes. 

To schedule an email send with HubSpot Sales:

  • Compose a new email in Gmail and add an email recipient.
  • Click the clock icon  time next to the Send button to access the send later feature.
  • Select a time option or select Custom to set a specific date and time for your send. If you have a Sales Hub Professional account, select Best time to send within 24 hours or Best time to send this week to schedule your send for a time with a higher likelihood of opens, clicks, and replies based on the recipient's previous email engagement. 
  • Click Schedule.

  • You've successfully scheduled an email send. You'll see any scheduled emails in your Drafts folder, and it will be marked as Scheduled.

How is the best time to send determined?

When predicting the best time to send, the data about the email you're sending and emails that have been sent with HubSpot in the past are taken into consideration. HubSpot calculates the probability that a person will open an email at a given time, comparing all those times to find the best send time. The prediction takes the following into consideration:

  • Your recipient’s engagement with HubSpot-sent emails in the past. This data is gathered by looking at recipients' email history in your HubSpot account; your send history is not shared with other HubSpot users.
  • Similar recipients’ engagement with HubSpot-sent emails in the past
  • Your recipient’s email address
  • Your recipient’s device (mobile or computer)
  • Your recipient’s industry
  • Your recipient’s time zone
  • Your recipient’s country
  • Your recipient’s job title

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