How to send an email based on your contact's time zone

Last updated: August 3, 2016

Available For:

Product: HubSpot Marketing
Subscription: Professional & Enterprise

When sending a HubSpot email, there is an option called Smart Send you can choose to send your email to your contact/list during their time zone instead of yours. 

Follow the instructions below to learn how to send an email to your contact(s) based on their time zone:

  • Navigate to Content > Email > then select Create new email at the top-right.
  • Choose a template and enter a name for your email. Select Create.
  • Go about editing and setting up your email as you desire, including adding content into your mail email body and choosing your recipients. Read a more comprehensive guide on creating your email here.
  • When you're ready to send your email, click the Send or schedule tab.
  • From here, select Smart Send, then choose your date and time from the boxes that appear.
  • After you select Smart Send, you can choose to Check recipient time zones and see a list of recipient time zones appear below to try to help guide your decision.
  • When you're ready to schedule your email for sending, choose Schedule at the top-right.

Your email has now been successfully scheduled to send to your contact(s) during their time zone. On the post-send details screen, you can use the dropdown at the top of the page to view the email's performance for recipients from a specific time zone or for all time zones at once. 

Please note: once a smart send email has been scheduled, you cannot add more recipients to the initial send from the post-send details screen. Instead, click Clone to duplicate the email and choose another set of recipients. 

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