What is the Email Confirmation Status contact property?

Last updated: April 19, 2017

Available For:

Marketing: Basic, Pro, Enterprise
Sales: N/A

The Email Confirmation Status contact property in HubSpot is created when your account has turned on the double opt-in feature for your HubSpot email.

This contact property keeps track of any contact's interaction with double opt-in email and provides more insight into whether or not your contact has interacted with your double opt-in email. 

Below is a list of status definitions you'll find in the Email Confirmation Status property:

  • Confirmed: The user's double opt-in status has been confirmed and a follow up email has been sent.*
  • Confirmed Pending: The user's double opt-in status has yet to be confirmed and is awaiting action.
  • Confirmation Email Sent: The confirmation email has been sent. HubSpot is waiting for a confirmation via a click.
  • User has not clicked sent link: The confirmation email has been received by user but they have yet to click on link provided.
  • User clicked confirmation: The user has clicked on the link in the confirmation email.* 
  • HubSpot Rep. marked confirmed: Someone at HubSpot has marked the user as confirmed. This is more or less manual via an API call.*
  • Customer marked confirmed: A HubSpot user has marked this customer as confirmed during an import.*
  • Confirmed from previous behavior: The contact received email prior to double opt-in being enabled. *
  • Awaiting Double Opt In: The double opt-in process hasn't started yet. 


* = The contact is considered having double opted in for email


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