How do I deactivate and reset my HubSpot API key?

Last updated: December 28, 2017

Before you begin deactivating your API key, please note that generating a new API Key does not affect any integrations which are built and maintained by HubSpot.

Follow the instructions below to deactivate and reset your HubSpot API key.

To deactivate and reset your HubSpot API key, please follow the link here: This can also be accomplished by navigating to your Account Menu and selecting Integrations.

account menu integrations

Deactivating your current API key may cause any applications or integrations to temporarily fail. In order to restore your Integrations or applications connection with HubSpot please replace the deactivated key with a new key, by completing the steps below. If you are unsure if your Custom Integration uses an API Key please contact the provider(s) who maintain your integration, prior to competing the process outlined below.

Once on the Integrations page, select HubSpot API key from the left side menu.

Once on the API Request Screen, Administrators will be able to click the View Key button. The API key for this portal will now be displayed.

View API key

Once the 'View Key' button is clicked, the option to deactivate the key will appear. Select Deactivate key.

deactivate api key

Next, select Deactivate key, to confirm in the pop-up window which asks 'Are you sure you want to deactivate your API key?'

confirm deactivate

Finally, select the Generate new key button to create and view your new HubSpot API key.

generate new key