Can I edit the criteria of my blog's subscription list?

Last updated: February 21, 2017

Short answer, Yes.

As you know, within your HubSpot blog, you can set Instant, Daily, Weekly, and/or Monthly subscriptions. When such are set, HubSpot will automatically create separate lists, to segment contacts who elected for either of the available subscriptions. These lists are then used as the recipient lists for the blog's notification emails.

Taking this into account, there may be times when you may want to edit one of such lists in order to add more people to the lists, because you want those other contacts to also receive the blog notification emails. You can edit these lists and add more rules - However, it is imperative that you do not edit or remove the list's original rule. If you do, the list will re-set to its default rule and any additional rules you added will be deleted. In other words, you can add more rules to the list, just don't edit/change the list's default rule.

  • Navigate to Contacts > Lists > locate the blog subscription list(s) you would like to edit. The names of these lists follow this naming convention: [Subscription] Subscribers - [Your blog's name].
  • Once you have located the list, click on its name.
  • As detailed below, the list's original rule will normally be Contact Property | [Your blog's name] Email Subscription | is any of | [Instant, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly].
    • This rule must remain; do not edit nor delete it.
  • You can add other criteria sets by selecting or... from the left sidebar. If you want to add rules within those newer criteria sets, click on and....
Edit Blog Criteria
  • When finished, click Done, and then Save

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