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Add media from Media Bridge apps to HubSpot content

Last updated: June 28, 2023

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

All products and plans

The Media Bridge API provides a way to add external, provider-specific media to your HubSpot content through a custom module. You can then report on how visitors are interacting with your media through timeline events and custom reports. 

Before you begin

Before you can create custom modules for your media bridge content, you'll first need to install a Media Bridge app in your account:

Create a module

After the Media Bridge app has been installed on an account, create a module in the design manager to render the media object on your template or page:

  • To start, create a new module.
  • When building the module, in the module inspector on the right, click the Add field dropdown menu in the Fields section, then select the Embed field.

  • In the Supported source types section, select the Media integration checkbox. 
  • In the EmbedType section, select Media integration
  • Click the Select a provider dropdown menu and select your connected app.
  • After configuring the embed field, add it to the module by clicking Copy > Copy Snippet and paste the contents in the module.html section.
  • Click Publish changes to save your changes.

With your module created, you can add it to a page template, or add it to a page using the drag and drop page editor. When in the page editor, use the Media URL field to add your media to the page.

Analyze events

After the Media Bridge module has been added to your website pages, you can analyze media events. Media events are events that happen in relation to the embedded media, like a play event. Learn more about how to analyze video views on your pages.

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