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Events | Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: November 1, 2019

Applies to:

Marketing Hub  Enterprise
Sales Hub  Enterprise
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Find answers and general information quickly about the events tool in HubSpot.

Why do I get an error when creating an event with the event Chrome extension?

When you create an event using the event Chrome extension, you may encounter the following error message: This selector is longer than 280 characters. Try selecting a different element or putting an ID closer to the element you'd like to attach this event to.

This can happen when something in the source code of the page confuses the extension. Learn more about resolving this error.

How long does it take for events data to update?

Events data is updated every 20-30 minutes.

Why didn't a visited URL event track visits to a PDF?

Visited URL events can only be recorded for pages that contain the HubSpot tracking code. A PDF does not support JavaScript and cannot have the tracking code installed on it.

Instead of using a visited URL event to track visits to a PDF, it's recommended to use a clicked element event to track clicks of the link to the PDF. As long as the link to the PDF is on a web page that contains the HubSpot tracking code, you can use a create a clicked element event to track the download.

How do I manage my events in bulk?

You can delete active events, approve or dismiss events that need approval, and recover dismissed events, in bulk up to 25 events on the same page. Only active events will record completions.

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Reports > Analytics Tools. Then, select Events.
  • In the upper right, click Manage events.
  • To bulk delete active events, in the left sidebar menu, click Approved and select the events to delete. In the header row, click Delete. These events will be dismissed and go to the Rejected tab.
  • To bulk approve or dismiss events, in the left sidebar menu, click Unexpected events and select the events to approve or dismiss. In the header row, click Approve and the events will go to the Approved tab, or Dismiss to dismiss them to Rejected tab. Events in this tab are generally custom events as there is a limit on active custom events.
  • To bulk recover dismissed events, in the left sidebar menu, click Rejected and select the events to recover. In the header row, click Recover and these events will be active and move to the Active events tab.