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Support Google Consent Mode v2

Last updated: March 20, 2024

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

All products and plans

Google Consent Mode v2 is a framework designed to integrate website visitor consent preferences with Google's advertising and analytics tools. With it, your HubSpot-hosted site can adjust how these tools behave based on the consent status of website visitors, particularly regarding cookies and data collection. Even when visitors don’t consent to cookies, Google services can operate in a limited mode and collect basic interactions without breaching privacy expectations. 

Please note: as of the March 2024 deadline set by Google, businesses that don’t integrate with Google Consent Mode v2 could experience measurement loss of tracked data from EEA/EU/UK visitors.

Before you get started

Turn on Google Consent Mode v2

Please note: if you want to implement a basic version of consent mode for Google Analytics 4 instead of advanced, you can add Google Analytics as a tag to Google Tag Manager. Then, it will load with basic consent mode through HubSpot's Google Tag Manager integration.


Once these steps are completed, Google Consent Mode v2 will be supported worldwide on your HubSpot-hosted content.

Implement Google Consent Mode v2 manually

If you are not using a HubSpot cookie banner, or are not integrated with GTM or GA4 via a Measurement ID or GTM ID you will need to implement Google Consent Mode v2 manually.

External site

If you need to implement Consent Mode v2 manually because you use the HubSpot cookie banner on an external website, work with your developer to learn how to implement Consent Mode v2 manually.

Custom Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics

If you are not integrated with GTM or GA4 via a Measurement ID or GTM ID within HubSpot and use a code snippet to integrate, you must implement Consent Mode v2 manually. Work with your developer to learn how to implement Consent Mode v2 manually.

External cookie banner

If you use a non-HubSpot cookie banner on your HubSpot-hosted site or on your external website pages, consult with your external cookie banner provider or developer for guidance.

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