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Last updated: December 6, 2017

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By default, HubSpot's Publishing tool will shorten your shared URLs to a link. You can read more about HubSpot's default link shortening here. Alternatively, you can connect a account or a custom short URL to HubSpot.

When you connect your account to your HubSpot account, the HubSpot software will automatically use your custom short domain when shortening links in the social media tool or when building tracking URLs in the Tracking URL Builder. These short domains are usually only a few letters long, and are typically a version of or a play on a word that has to do with your brand.

Here are a few brands and their custom short domains:

  • uses
  • uses
  • Instagram uses

If you don't have a short domain already registered, specializes in short domain registration. In order to use custom branded links, you'll need to sign up or log into an Enterprise account and follow their instructions for connecting your custom short domain to your account. HubSpot currently only supports short URLs connected to Also note that connecting a url will cause HubSpot to rely on as the data source for number of clicks in the Publishing tool.

Follow the steps outlined below to connect your account with HubSpot and start automatically using your custom short domain instead of the default short domain.

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