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Opt out of HubSpot's machine learning data use

Last updated: January 29, 2024

HubSpot uses machine learning to provide automatic insights and functionality in tools across your Hub. For example, machine learning powers functionalities such as CRM deduplication, search, and the mobile business card scanner.

These machine learning processes use customer data (as defined in the HubSpot Customers Terms of Service) to provide better results to all users.

Your data will remain safe and secure, regardless of whether your data is used as part of HubSpot's machine learning processes. Data is never shared between HubSpot users or accounts. For more information on how your data is protected, please review HubSpot's Security documentation.

If you want to exclude your Hub's customer data from HubSpot’s machine learning models, you can do so by contacting and requesting to opt out. After opting out, your customer data will no longer be used in HubSpot’s machine learning models. 

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