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Last updated: August 3, 2018

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Marketing Hub: Basic, Pro, Enterprise

Find answers to common questions about the design manager tool. This resource also includes links to more resources for designers working on the CMS.

Where can I learn more about designing on HubSpot?

To learn more about designing  on HubSpot, check out the HubSpot Academy Design Certification and

The Design Certification is a free certification that includes video training and a design practicum. includes:

Is there a HubSpot resource I can use to troubleshoot custom coded design or HubL?

The best resource for interacting with the HubSpot designer community is the HubSpot Design Forum. This forum is monitored by HubSpot designers and HubSpot users with design expertise.

For questions regarding HubSpot API development, check out the Developers Forum

How do I get FTP access to HubSpot?

HubSpot supports FTP over TLS/SSL to transfer files to File Manager, in addition to transferring templates, stylesheets, and JS files to Design Manager 

Can I edit a global group for a single template?

While global modules can be converted back to a local module, at this time, global groups cannot. You can clone global groups and add them to that template. 

Can I use my own responsive grid with HubSpot templates?

All HubSpot drag and drop layouts automatically include layout.css to make their modules responsive. If you wanted to use a different or custom responsive grid such as Bootstrap 3, you would need to either override the CSS in layout.css or use coded templates, where layout.css is not attached.

How do I restructure my blog post and listing layout?

Blog content modules allow you edit the markup of the post and the listing layout to control where the various elements of a post item render. 

Can I revert to a previous version of a template?

All template layouts, coded files, and pages have a revision history that allows you to roll back to any version of a template or piece of content. For templates or coded files, click Actions > View Revisions to access the revision history. This article shows how to revert a page's revision history.

What version of bootstrap does the HubSpot Template Builder use?

The HubSpot layout editor uses a 12 column grid system based on Bootstrap 2.x to allow template designers to quickly build fully responsive webpages within the HubSpot content platform


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