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Last updated: January 9, 2019

Applies to:

Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise
Legacy Marketing Hub Basic
HubSpot CMS

Learn how to create a new redirect and navigate your URL mappings tool. To update URL mappings in bulk, learn about uploading URL mappings or adding a flexible URL mappings.

Add a new redirect

  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon settings in the main navigation bar.
  • In the left sidebar menu, click Domains & URLs.
  • Click the URL Mappings tab to go to the URL mapping manager.
  • Click the Add a new redirect dropdown menu and select Add one redirect
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User-added image
  • Enter the origin URL (the URL of the page you want to redirect) into the Original URL or path field.
  • Enter the destination URL (the URL of the page you want it the original URL to be redirected) in the Destination URL or path field.

Please note: when entering a destination URL of an external page that is not hosted on HubSpot, be sure to include the entire URL (e.g.

  • Click Add URL mapping to take the redirect live.

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Please note: the URL Mappings tool automatically encodes URLs that contain special character glyphs. As an example, the tool will convert é into %C3%A9 automatically when it is pasted into the URL mapping tool. For best results it's recommended to add the URL without encoding any of the special characters on your own.

HubSpot will automatically attempt to select the appropriate mapping settings based on what you enter as the original and the destination URL. Click Show advanced options to customize your new redirect.

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In the URL mappings tool, you'll see a complete list of redirects labeled as either post or manual. Any redirect you've set up manually or a page URL you've edited in the Settings tab of the content editor will be labeled as manualMappings that only take effect when the page does not exist will display post next to their priority. You can also search for a specific URL or parameter to find existing mappings.

Edit a URL mapping

You can edit, delete, or change the priority of an existing URL mapping by clicking on the gear icon settings next to the mapping in the Actions column.
When multiple mappings apply to the same URL, the mappings with lower priorities take precedence over higher priority. For example, a mapping with a priority of 1 will override a mapping with a priority of 2.
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 You can also select the checkbox to ignore this mapping if a live page doesn't exist at that URL.  URL mappings with this setting enabled will be labeled as post.
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Export URL mappings 

You can export URL mappings into a CSV file by clicking Export Mappings.

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Download the CSV file to view the URL mappings in a spreadsheet. Click on the link of the file in the downloads section of your browser. In the exported spreadsheet, you'll see all of your URL mappings in one place.

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