What is a locked module?

Last updated: April 13, 2016

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Product: HubSpot Marketing
Subscription: Basic, Professional, & Enterprise

A locked module is one that cannot be edited at the page-level. Locking modules is one way to preserve content across many pages, to ensure a consistent look and feel across many different pages. If a module is locked at the template level, a lock icon will appear on the module in the template's UI. A lock icon will also appear when hovering over the module within the page editor of any pages using the template.

To edit the content or settings of a locked module, click the gear icon on the module within the template > Edit Options. To unlock the module, click the gear icon > click Unlock Module.

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Please note:
  • Some modules cannot be unlocked because their options and content should not be edited at the page-level. Your blog template, for example, includes modules that must appear across your posts and listing pages; these modules cannot be unlocked within the template.  
  • Modules within global groups and Advanced Menus will also be locked by default and cannot be unlocked, as they are designed to appear consistently across your pages. 
  • If content is entered within a module on the page-level and the same module content is later modified on the template-level and the module gets locked, these changes will not apply to any pages using this template - all content on those pages will remain.

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