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Analyze calls-to-action performance

Last updated: October 13, 2020

Applies to:

Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise
CMS Hub Professional, Enterprise
Legacy Marketing Hub Basic

After you create your calls-to-action and add them to your HubSpot content, analyze their performance and identify which CTAs are receiving the most views and clicks. 

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Marketing > Lead Capture > CTAs.
  • On the Calls-to-action dashboard, view a list of your CTAs. 
  • Use the dropdown menus to filter your CTAs by date range, campaign, and CTA type. cta-dashboard-filters
  • Click the column headings to sort your CTAs by one of the following metrics. 
    • Name: the internal name of the CTA.
    • Views: the number of times your CTA has been seen by visitors.
    • Click rate: the percentage of views that lead to clicks on your CTA.
    • Clicks: the number of clicks on the CTA.
    • Locations: the HubSpot content the CTA is used on.
    • Last modified: the date that the CTA was last modified.
  • To view a more detailed breakdown of an individual CTAs performance, click the name of a CTA. 
  • On the CTA details screen, use the Show dropdown menu to filter your data by views, clicks, or submissions.

Please note: submissions cannot be accurately attributed to an individual page, so submission data is not recorded for each page URL. Submissions are rather reported globally for CTAs.

  • Click the Date Range dropdown menu to filter you data by a specific time range. 
  • Below the chart visualization, view a count of total clicks, views, and submissions over the specified time range. all-time-cta-clicks-views-submissions
  • In the Call-to-action placements section, view a breakdown of the CTAs performance on a specific piece of content. To gauge the performance of your CTA, it is recommended to observe and analyze these two metrics:
    • Click rate: the click rate is the percentage of people who viewed the CTA who then clicked it. Compare the click rate of a CTA against another CTA or the historical performance of your CTAs. 
    • Submission rate: the submission rate is the percentage of people who clicked the CTA who then submitted a form. Compare the submission rate of a CTA against another CTA or the historical performance of your CTAs. 

Please note: the submission rate does not include meeting link clicks. 

  • To see a detailed breakdown of the CTAs performance on all of your content, or just your pages or emails, in the upper right, select a content type.  
  • Click the name of the CTA to see a breakdown of the CTAs performance on specific page URLs. ctas-call-to-action-placements