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Swap and edit your blog, email, or page template

Last updated: April 6, 2023

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

All products and plans

Learn more about how to edit and swap templates being used on your content. 

  • If you have a free or Starter subscription, you can swap or edit website page templates.
  • If you have a Professional or Enterprise subscription, you can swap or edit website page, landing page, blog, and email templates.

Please note:

  • You cannot swap or edit the template in drag and drop emails.
  • You cannot swap the template on a page built with a Starter template.
  • You cannot swap a non-Starter template for a Starter template. Because of this, if you're downgrading your subscription to Starter or HubSpot's free tools, landing pages built with non-Starter templates will need to be recreated with Starter templates to prevent them from being deleted.

Edit the template applied to existing content

To edit a template:

  • Click the Settings tab at the top of the content editor, then scroll down and click Advanced Options.
  • To edit the template, in the Template section, click Edit this template
    • If the template is being used by another piece of content, a dialog box will appear. To apply your edits to all pages, posts, or emails using the template, click Edit this template. To only edit this piece of content's template, click Clone & edit new template.
    • The template will open the design manager in a new tab, and you can then edit your template as needed.

  • When you're done making changes to your template, click Publish changes in the top right of the design manager. The changes will then be applied to the content using this template.

Use a different template

If your page is using a layout template created in the design manager, you can switch it to a coded template with drag and drop editing features. You cannot switch a coded template with drag and drop editing to a layout template or a coded template without drag and drop editing. 

  • To swap out your template, click Use different template.


  • In the dialog box, select the template you want to use for the page and click Select this template.
  • The page or email will update to the new template. Click the Content tab at the top of the editor to edit the page or email with its new template.

Please note: if you cannot find a template, it's possible that the template is not compatible with the current template for this page. Learn more about which template types can be swapped with one another. 


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