How to pass hidden contact property values with forms

Last updated: June 15, 2017

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Using hidden form field to pass values provides an easy way to set contact property values in a contact's record when they submit your form, without requiring the user to fill in that information. For example, perhaps you have a "Request A Quote" form on your page and you want the contacts who submit that form to get a Status equal to Open set on their contact record. That "open" status would enroll them in a workflow designed to send an internal notification to a sales rep to reach out to that contact. You can set this status on the form without the need for the contact to fill out that property or without setting up an additional workflow.

You can use this function in forms to set any contact property value of your choosing. Some common uses include blog subscription notification frequency, lead source, trial status, lifecycle stage (which will be covered in its own article)persona (also to be covered in its own article), and any other property you create. The only fields exempted from this ability are analytics properties.

Hidden fields on forms do not display on the live form, so there is no need to be concerned with these properties being visible to your leads. HubSpot makes it simple to add hidden fields to pass values onto a contact's record.

Create or select a form

From your HubSpot Marketing dashboard, navigate to Contacts > Forms and either open an existing form or create a new form.

Add fields

Add the necessary fields to your form by clicking the Fields tab at the top left, find your field, then drag onto the form.

Edit field options

Click on the pencil icon within the field you want to edit.

Select "Make field hidden"

From the pop-up that displays, under the Field Configuration section, you'll find a checkbox to Make field hidden. Select this checkbox.

Choose value to be passed

From your available options, choose the value which should be passed onto your contact's record upon submission. If you need, you can also add/remove property options directly within the form.

Once selected, click Done Editing.

Save form

You'll notice the blue "eye" within any fields on your form you have marked as hidden. Once you're happy with how you've set up your hidden fields to pass values, click Save form.

Preview form

At the top, click preview to get a glimpse of the way your form will look on a live page. Notice that Lead Source, the hidden field on this form, does not appear on the "live" form.

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