How to set up lead revisit notifications

Last updated: July 7, 2017

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Marketing: Pro, Enterprise
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Every salesperson knows that it's not easy to connect with leads on the phone. The marketing team might provide you with fantastic leads, but when you call to qualify them, you miss them. You call again, but you miss them again. And again. It gets frustrating.

HubSpot customers can solve this problem by taking advantage of lead revisit alerts. This means that when one of your leads comes back to your site, HubSpot will send you an email to let you know -- right away -- so you can take action and call those great leads while they're on your site, ready to find out more about your company.

It means your sales team can spend more time closing and less time calling.

Please note: Lead revisit notifications are only available in Marketing Professional and Enterprise HubSpot accounts.

How lead revisit notifications work

With the lead revisit alert feature, you can configure your HubSpot portal to send you an email when an existing contact visits your website. The email includes a link to the contact's profile page, where you can see a full history of interactions that person has had with your company.

If you have assigned a lead to a specific sales rep within Salesforce, that rep will receive the revisit alert when that particular lead visits the site again.

Please be aware of the following:

  • Only one alert is sent per contact in a 24-hour period; the visitor may return several times in a single day, but only one alert will be sent. 
  • Alerts will not be sent for any contacts whose lifecycle stage is 'Customer'.

How to adjust your own lead revisit notification settings

Log in to your HubSpot account and then click on the the Profile & Preferences link that appears when you click on your Account Menu.

Select the Notifications tab, scroll down to the Lead Revisit Notifications section.

You'll then have the option to enable revisit notifications for:

  • No leads - Choose this option to turn revisit notifications off for your user account.
  • All leads - Choose this option to send yourself lead revisit alert notifications for every contact in the contact database.
  • The leads that you own - Choose this option to send yourself lead revisit alert notifications only for the leads that are assigned to you.

You will see a message after your changes have been saved.

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