Bulk edit records

Last updated: December 7, 2020

Applies to:

All products and plans

In HubSpot, you can edit and delete your records in bulk. This includes your contacts, companies, deals, and tickets.

To select the records you want, you can also use a saved view.

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to your records.
  • If you're in the board format for deals and tickets, switch to the table view. To do this, in the upper left, click the listView table icon.
  • Select the records you want to edit. You can apply a view to your table to help filter out specifically the records you want to edit.
    • To edit a few individual records, select the checkboxes next to the records you want to edit.
    • To edit all of the records on a page, select the Select all checkbox at the top of the table. Then, to select all of the records in the filter, click the Select all [number] [records] link.

  • At the top of the table, you can select Assign, Edit, or Delete. Other options like Create tasks will only work on records selected in the current page. They will not work when all records, including records beyond the current page, are selected.

Please note: not all options are available for custom objects.

  • To assign these records to a new user, click Assign at the top of the table. In the dialog box, select the user and click Assign.
  • To edit the values of a specific property in these records:
    • At the top of the table, click Edit
    • Click the Property to update dropdown menu and select the property you want to edit.

Please note: bulk editing a multiple checkbox property will not append the new option to the existing option. In a bulk edit, the new values will overwrite whatever values exists.

    • In the field that appears, enter a new value for the selected property.
    • Click Update. This will overwrite the old values in the property for these records.

For contacts, where you have access to the corresponding tool, you can also select Enroll in sequence, and in the More dropdown menu, Add to static list, Enroll in workflow, and Edit communication subscriptions

You can also make a bulk update to records by doing an import and mapping the updated property values. If you've access to the workflows tool, you can also set a contact property value for multiple contacts using workflows.