How to create a smart Call-to-Action (CTA)

Last updated: June 14, 2016

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Product: HubSpot Marketing
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Smart content can be highly valuable in catering the content on your website to your visitor - this doesn’t just have to be isolated just to textual content. By using smart Call-to-Actions (CTAs), you can decide to show a different CTA to an anonymous visitor than you would to someone who is in your contact database.

With smart CTA modules, you can add personalization to custom sections of your website and utilize the same familiar options and rules.


Follow these instructions and you’ll learn how to create a smart form on one of your HubSpot pages.

1. Navigate to your Calls-to-Action dashboard

Navigate to an existing or create a new CTA. This can be done by navigating to Content > Calls-to-Action.
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2. Create a smart CTA

You can create a new smart CTA by clicking the arrow within the “Create a CTA” button and then choose Create a Smart CTA.
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If you want to make a CTA smart out of a standard CTA that already exists in your CTA dashboard, locate the standard CTA in your CTA dashboard then click on the gear on the right-hand side of that specific CTA. Choose Make smart.
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3. Choose and create your type of smart content

You should have already decided the visitor you want to target, now you want to choose the type of smart content to use. You have five options: country, device type, referral source, contact list membership, or lifecycle stage. You can only choose one type of smart content to create here.  Choose one of the options then click Next step.
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Once you’ve made your decisions on the type and chosen its criteria, click the blue button to move onto the Next step.
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4. Customize your smart rule

This is where all your content creation for smart rules takes place. You’ll see this area looks pretty much like it does when you create a brand new CTA. Make any design or text changes you want then, click Done.
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If you want to create another smart rule for the same CTA, you can go back to Content > Calls-to-Action, find your smart CTA and click Add smart rule.
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That’s it! You’ve successfully created your smart CTA.

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