Change the profile picture in a record

Last updated: January 2, 2019

HubSpot automatically uploads an image for each contact and company record, using a proprietary database of images that is collected from multiple sources including social media. When no image for a specific contact can be found, HubSpot uses an image associated to their email domain.

Please note: 
  • The photo is strictly internal and is used to identify contacts or companies in your HubSpot account. Contacts or companies are not able to see their photo.
  • A contact's photo cannot be changed if they do not have an email address.
  • It is not currently possible to remove a photo; it is only possible to change it to another image.

To change the profile picture in a record in HubSpot:

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to your contacts or companies.
  • Click the contact or company name
  • Hover over the contact or company's profile picture and click the pencil icon edit.


  • Click Choose file.


  • Locate and select the file you'd like to upload from your computer to be used as this contact's profile picture. Click Open.
  • Click Confirm.
You may need to refresh the page to see the new profile picture appear.