How do I apply the new landing page template I created?

Last updated: November 18, 2016

Available For:

Marketing: Basic, Pro, Enterprise
Sales: N/A

Please take note of the following alert before proceeding with changing the template your landing page is using.


Changing templates can have adverse effects on previously published content in certain situations. You may consider cloning an existing page and changing the template on that cloned page to "test" whether any content will be lost in the switch. Lost content might result if: flexible columns were in the old template, the majority of your page's content resides in modules on the old template, the modules on the new template don't match the module types on the old template (for example, you change from a page whose modules were all text to all images), or default text in the new template that overrides the existing content.

If you are not satisfied with the template change you may always select a previous revision to revert back to.

 To change the template for an existing landing page:

  • Navigate to Content > Landing Pages (or Website Pages) > locate the page in the list of your pages > hover over the row containing your landing page > click Edit on the right.
  • Click the Settings tab at the top > scroll down to Advanced Options section > under Template Settings, click Swap template.


  • Next, select the new template > click View page with this template > If you are satisfied, click Change to this template.
  • Wait for the screen to refresh and see your new template implemented.