What is the difference between Simple Menu and Advanced Menu modules?

Last updated: December 13, 2016

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When adding menu modules to a template in HubSpot, you will notice HubSpot offers two types of menu modules - Simple Menu and Advanced Menu. Now, you may ask: what is the difference between these two menu modules?

Simple Menu

  • A Simple Menu is an easily defined menu for most common menu applications.
  • The module itself may be modified on the template or at the page level. If the module is locked on the template, then it may only be modified at the template level.
  • You may add and remove menu items on the module itself; no need to navigate elsewhere.
  • Simple Menu modules are often used for minimal menu needs as opposed to your website's main menu.
  • Click here to learn how to edit a Simple Menu module.
  • Simple Menu modules are convenient when looking to add a menu to one or two pages. However, when looking to add one standard menu across various pages, it is best to use an Advanced Menu.

Advanced Menu

  • An Advanced Menu module is often used as a website's main menu.
  • Advanced Menu modules cannot be edited at the page level and are always a locked module.
  • There are some module options, but to add/move/remove menu items, you must navigate to Content > Content Settings > Advanced Menus > Select your menu in the dropdown > Here you may add, remove, and edit menu items. You may save a menu as a draft or publish changes live.
  • Click here to learn how to edit an Advanced Menu module

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