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Last updated: October 16, 2018

Applies to:

Marketing Hub
Basic, Professional, Enterprise

Embed videos hosted on an external provider (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo) in your HubSpot content.

If you are embedding a Wistia video, you will need to first access your embed code. Learn more about the Wistia integration with HubSpot (Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise only). 

Please note: Professional or Enterprise users will be given an option to enable the Vidyard integration. Learn more about using HubSpot Video powered by Vidyard to add videos to your HubSpot content.

  • Add your video URL or embed code in the dialog box:
    • If you are embedding a YouTube, Vimeo, or Instagram video, you can stay on the URL tab and simply paste the video URL into the URL field. You can also paste in the file URL of a video that you have uploaded to the HubSpot File Manager. Click OK

    • If the video has been uploaded using a video service other than YouTube, Vimeo, or Instagram, click on the Code tab and paste the embed code into the field. Click OK.

  • On the upper right of the editor, click Update or Publish to make the changes live.

The steps above are for adding a video to a rich text module. You can paste the inline embed code of a video directly into a custom HTML module. 

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