How does business card scanning work in the HubSpot mobile app for Android?

Last updated: January 25, 2018

With the HubSpot mobile app for Android, you can scan your business cards into your device to create contacts.



Please note: the business card scanning feature is currently not available in the HubSpot mobile app for iOS.

  • In your app, navigate to Contacts. Then click the + icon.  
  • Select Scan business card
  • Hover your device over the business card. HubSpot will automatically detect the edges of the card and take a photo. 

  • The photo of the business card will be turned into a contact in your database. Click Save.

 Here are some scanning best practices to keep in mind when adding contacts from business cards:

  • Ensure there isn't any severe glare on the card.
  • Ensure the card isn't too blurry when the camera attempts to read it.
  • Ensure there's adequate lighting.

Please note: if the card has a similar background color to the text displayed on it, the reader might find this difficult to distinguish. 

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