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Market your business with HubSpot

Last updated: April 3, 2024

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

All products and plans

Generate and nurture quality leads for your business with HubSpot's marketing tools. You can plan your marketing campaigns from start to finish with the campaigns tool, then convert website visitors into leads with engaging website content, marketing emails, social posts, and ad campaigns.

Below is an overview of tasks that will get you started with HubSpot's marketing tools. Within each section, you'll find links to detailed instructions for each task. Before getting started, make sure you’re logged in to your account. Learn more about logging in to HubSpot.

For in-depth video training, check out the Marketing Software Certification in the HubSpot Academy.

Create a landing page

Design a promotional landing page to attract first-time visitors to your website. A successful landing page informs prospects about your brand and provides an opportunity to convert them into contacts. HubSpot's landing page tool allows you to create landing pages and customize them with drag and drop modules.

Set up forms

Use forms to capture key customer information, such as name and email address. When a contact submits a form, their information is stored on a contact record in HubSpot. You can then use that information to power other tools, such as lists and workflows, for future nurturing and targeting. Submissions made to non-HubSpot (external) forms will also appear in HubSpot. 

Customize and style your forms, then add them to your landing pages hosted in HubSpot, or embed them on external website pages.

Send and analyze marketing emails

HubSpot’s marketing email tool allows you to engage with your contacts, send promotional offers, and provide news and updates about your business. You can personalize and tailor the content of your emails to deliver relevant information.

Before you begin sending, set up email subscription types to track which contacts you have permission to email. You should also customize your email footer to comply with email sending regulations. After you’ve sent your first few marketing emails, learn how recipients are interacting with your content. As you ramp up your sending volume, monitor the positive engagement rates of your emails to maintain a healthy sending reputation.

Create and monitor social posts (Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise only)

Increase traffic to your website and convert more leads by sharing content with your followers on social media. You can connect your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X accounts to HubSpot to schedule and publish your posts to several networks simultaneously. Report on post engagement data such as likes and clicks, and monitor mentions and interactions with your brand from within HubSpot.

Create and analyze ad campaigns

The HubSpot ads tool enables you to leverage your other marketing assets and CRM data to build brand awareness and acquire quality leads for your business. Once you connect an ad account, HubSpot applies tracking to your active campaigns, which automatically creates contacts in your HubSpot account when they convert on your ads. You can also create audiences, publish ads, and report on your campaigns.

Organize your marketing campaigns (Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise only)

Use the campaigns tool to map out the timeline of your marketing campaigns. Add your marketing assets to a campaign to organize your assets and keep track of their performance. For example, you can add a call-to-action to your campaign to monitor its click data and influenced contacts. All campaigns and associated assets will appear in your marketing calendar.

Join the HubSpot community

To engage with other users and get more out of your HubSpot tools, join the HubSpot Community. You can see examples from peers, get tips and advice from experts, learn how to troubleshoot common issues, and submit feedback to the Product team.

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