Beheer uw ongebruikte workflows

Laatst bijgewerkt: oktober 19, 2020

Geldt voor:

Hub  Professional, Enterprise
Sales Hub  Professional, Enterprise
Service Hub  Professional, Enterprise

To help organize your workflows, HubSpot will automatically add unused workflows to a separate tab on your workflows dashboard.

Unused workflows are workflows that are turned off or haven't executed any actions in the last 90 days. A workflow will not count as unused if it's referenced by a list or another workflow.

To view your unused workflows:

  • Navigeer in uw HubSpot account naar Automatisering > Workflows.
  • At the top of the workflows dashboard, click the Unused Workflows tab. 

  • To select all unused workflows, select the checkbox in the header row. If you have multiple pages of unused workflows, select all workflows by clicking Select all matching workflows. You can then take bulk actions for all unused workflows, such as moving them to a folder, assigning them to a team, or deleting them.