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Property value is underlined in red

Last updated: January 29, 2024

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When a property value is underlined in red, it is invalid. A value is deemed invalid when:

  • The property value is not compatible with the property type (e.g., the contact has a text value in a date picker type property); or
  • The property value doesn't match any options in the property, when the property type is one of the enumeration types (i.e., a dropdown select, multiple checkboxes, radio select, or single checkbox).

Example scenarios that lead to an invalid value include:
  • A value was entered into the property, but the property is later changed to another type, making the original value invalid. For example, a value was entered in a Single-line text property but the property was changed to a Date picker type.
  • The contact has an invalid property value set via the Forms API. The Forms API allows any value to be passed to a property, even the value is invalid.

To fix an invalid error issue, you can:

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