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Boost your Facebook social posts in HubSpot

Last updated: October 13, 2020

Applies to:

Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise

Create an ad from a published Facebook post in the social tool. You can promote, or "boost," the post to reach your followers or another audience. The boosted post will create a Page Post Engagement ad in Facebook. 

Please note: to create an ad from a Facebook post, you must first connect a Facebook Ads account to the ads tool. The user who creates the ad must be the same user who connected the Facebook Ads account to HubSpot. The user must also be an admin for the Facebook page associated with the post.

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Marketing > Social.
  • Hover over the post you want to promote and click the Actions dropdown menu, then select Create ad. create-ad-from-facebook-post
  • In the right panel, set up your ad:
    • Select the checkbox(es) next to the audiences to target.
    • Click the Location dropdown menu and select the location to target.
    • Click the Age range dropdown menus and customize the age range to target.
    • Click the Schedule dropdown menus and use the date picker to set a time length for your ad to run.
    • In the Daily budget field, enter the amount of money to spend each day on this ad.
  • Click Create ad

A Page Post Engagement ad will be successfully created and you'll see a banner alert in the social tool with a link to the ad campaign. To access the ad campaign from the social tool, click on the published post on your Publishing dashboard, then in the panel on the right, click on the ad campaign linkcreate-campaign-from-social-post

Navigate to your ads tool to toggle the campaign on or off. You cannot edit the campaign in HubSpot after it has been created, but you can edit the campaign in Facebook

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