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Optimize your page load time

Last updated: June 28, 2023

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Pages that load quickly provide a better user experience and rank higher in search results. HubSpot's drag and drop editor and template layout editor are designed around best practices in page load time. 

If your page is loading slowly, it may be due to one of these common causes: 

  • Images: images with large file sizes should be resized before you upload them to HubSpot. You can also apply lazy loading to images on your page; this ensures that images only load when a visitor scrolls to them. 
  • Rich content: avoid adding large amounts of rich content (e.g., images, gifs, embedded videos) to your page. Autoplaying videos will also increase your page loading time. 
  • Broken links: broken links can increase your page loading time and negatively impact your user experience. Learn more about identifying broken links on your HubSpot pages
  • Broken code: HTML, CSS, or Javascript that is broken or not optimized for speed can drastically slow down your page's speed.
These are only a few of the factors that influence page load time. Learn more about how to improve your page speed in our developer documentation.
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