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Set up automated follow-up registration emails for private content (BETA)

Last updated: September 18, 2023

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

Service Hub Professional, Enterprise
CMS Hub Enterprise

After you set up member registration for private content for your website pages, blog, or knowledge base, you can configure follow-up emails that will automatically be sent to customers who haven't finished registering their account.

Following up with these contacts can help them complete the registration process and boost engagement with your private content. 

Turn on automated follow-up registration emails

  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings settings icon in the main navigation bar.
  • In the left sidebar menu, navigate to Website > Private Content.
  • Click the Emails tab.
  • Scroll down to the Follow-up emails section, then select the Follow up with contacts who have not completed registration checkbox.
  • Configure the settings for your follow-up emails:
    • Click the Maximum number of registration follow-up emails dropdown menu then select the maximum number of emails to send a contact to prompt them to complete their registration.
    • Configure the timing between each follow-up email by clicking the Follow-up [X] email dropdown menu and selecting a period of time.


After you've turned on follow-up registration emails, a default registration email will be sent automatically to contacts who fail to register within the timing periods you configured.

Please note: to ensure that only relevant and engaged contacts are prompted with a reminder to register, HubSpot will not send follow-up emails to contacts who were sent a registration email over 90 days ago.

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