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Understand how lead ad fields map to HubSpot properties

Last updated: April 22, 2024

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When you enable lead syncing for Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn in your ad settings, HubSpot will create corresponding versions of your lead ad forms.

These forms won't be visible in your forms tool, but will sync data to your HubSpot properties, and can be used as filters in your lists and workflows. Learn how HubSpot automatically maps lead ad form fields to HubSpot properties below.

Custom field mappings

Custom fields on Facebook lead ad forms, Google lead form extensions, and LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms will automatically be created in HubSpot as single-line text properties in the Lead Ad Properties property group. The following will apply: 

  • The name that the corresponding HubSpot properties will be based on depends on the ad network. 
    • Facebook lead ads: the form field label. 
    • Google lead form extensions: the question asked.
    • LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms: the question asked. 
  • The name will exclude any non-English characters and substitute spaces with underscores. For example:

Custom field on Facebook lead ad Custom property created in HubSpot
How did you hear about us? how_did_you_hear_about_us
¿Qué productos le interesan? que_productos_le_interesan

Field mapping limitations

The following custom field mapping limitations will apply: 
  • Form fields that do not contain any English characters will not be synced to HubSpot. Consequently, any responses to these fields will not be synced to HubSpot as well.
  • If an existing HubSpot property has the same internal name as a form field's key or question, new properties will not be created for the field. Instead, the field will be mapped to that existing property.
  • Default lead ad form fields cannot be synced to custom HubSpot properties. Learn more about the default field mappings for each ad network
  • Default Facebook lead ad fields will always map to the corresponding HubSpot property in the mapping table below, regardless if you change the field name in your Facebook lead form settings.
  • If you’re configuring a custom question on your LinkedIn Lead Gen Form, you must select Single line input for the Answer type.
  • The field type of a question you include in your form must match the type of the corresponding HubSpot property in order for the associated data to sync with HubSpot. Any mismatched fields will be appear as errors in the Lead syncing tab of your ads settings. Learn more about how to troubleshoot and fix lead syncing errors.


Default Facebook lead ads field mappings

Facebook lead ad field HubSpot property
email email
full_name first name + last name
first_name first name
last_name last name
phone_number phone
street_address address
city city
state state
province province
country country
post_code zip
zip_code zip
company_name company
job_title job title
work_phone_number mobile phone
work_email Maps to email if no email is specified. Otherwise, creates work email property.
gender gender
date_of_birth date of birth
marital_status marital status
relationship_status relationship status
military_status military status

Default LinkedIn Lead Gen Form field mappings

LinkedIn Lead Gen Form field HubSpot property
email address email
first_name first name
last_name last name
phone_number phone
city city
state state
country country
zip_code zip
company_name company
company_size company size
industry industry
job_title job title
job_function job function
seniority seniority
degree degree
field_of_study field of study
school school
start_date start date
graduation_date graduation date
date_of_birth date of birth
gender gender
work_phone_number mobile phone
work_email Maps to email if no email is specified. Otherwise, creates work email property.

Default Google lead form extension field mappings

Google lead form field HubSpot property
Email email
First name first name
Last name last name
Full name first name + last name
Phone number phone
Work phone mobile phone
Job title job title
Company name company
City city
Region state
Street address address
Work email Maps to email if no email is specified. Otherwise, creates work email property.
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