How do I change the email address of a user?

Last updated: August 13, 2018


Users are unique by email address, so it is not currently possible to edit an existing user's email address. Instead, a new user must be added to your account to change an email address. You can then transfer any records they owned to the "new" user. Learn how to make these changes below.

Adding a new user

  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon settings in the main navigation bar. 
  • Select Users & Teams in the left sidebar menu, then click Create user.
User-added image
  • Enter the email address for your new user, along with the first and last name, then click Next
  • If you'd like to assign this user to a team (e.g., Global Marketing team, Regional Sales team, etc.), click the No team assigned dropdown menu below the user's name. Select an existing team or click Create team to add a new team to your account. 

  • Navigate through the ContactsMarketing, Sales, Service, and Admin tabs to allow or restrict access for this user as needed. 
  • Once you've set your user's permissions, click Next
  • Click Send to send a welcome email to invite your new user to log in to HubSpot.

Transferring records to the new user

  • Now that you have a new user, you'll want to transfer ownership of any records to the new user. You can do this in one of the following ways:
    • If you have a Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise, Sales Hub Professional or a Service Hub Professional account, you can use the workflows tool to transfer ownership of your contacts: 
      • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Automation > Workflows.
      • Create a new standard workflow and set the starting conditions to Contact property Contact owneris any of... and select the current user from the dropdown menu. 
      • Check the Enroll contacts who already meet this criteria box and click Save.  

      • Add an action to your workflow. Select Set contact property value Contact owner and select the newly created owner in the Enter a new property value dropdown menu. Click Save

      • Toggle your workflow to ON to enroll your contacts and change their contact owner. 
      • If you are also a CRM user, you may need to re-assign companies and deals as well. Follow the steps below to do so. 
    • If you are a CRM user, you can bulk re-assign your contacts, companies, deals, and tasks:
      • To re-assign your contacts, companies, and deals, navigate in your CRM account to ContactsCompanies, or Deals
      • Click + Add filter.
      • Search for Contact owner, Company owner, or Deal owner  in the search bar on the left and click on it to set the criteria. 
      • Set the criteria to is any of and choose the current owner from the dropdown menu. Click Apply filter.  

      • Use the checkboxes in the left column to select contacts individually or select the checkbox in the header row to select all records on the page, then click the Select all x contacts/companies/deals link in the blue alert box to select all records in the saved filter.

      • Click Edit to bulk assign the records.
      • In the pop-up modal, select the property Contact owner and then select the new owner from the dropdown menu. Click Update

      • Repeat this process for each record type (contacts, companies, and deals). For deals, be sure to be in the Table view to make these changes.
      • To re-assign tasks in the CRM, navigate in the CRM to Tasks. Select the Table view in the upper left.
      • To re-assign your user's open tasks, select Open tasks in the left column. Use the filters at the top of the screen to filter by the old user. You can also filter by type and time range.

      • Use the checkboxes to select the tasks, and then click Edit

      • In the pop-up modal, select Assigned to as the property to update, and use the dropdown menu to select the new user. Click Update to update who the selected tasks are assigned to. 

    • If you do not have access to the CRM, you can enable the CRM or create a list of contacts who are assigned to the current user and manually update the Contact owner property or export the list and re-import with the Contact owner column values in your import set to the new user. 
  • For Sales Starter and Professional accounts only:  if the original user was a Sales Starter or Professional user, you'll need to reassign that seat. 
    • Navigate to your account dropdown menu Settings. Select Users & Teams on the left.  
    • Click the name of the original user, then click to the Sales tab. 
    • If the user was a Sales Professional user, click the toggle switch to the right of Sales Pro (premium sales tools) to deactivate Sales Professional for this user. If the user was a Sales Starter user, click the toggle switch to the right of Sales Starter to deactivate Sales Starter for this user.
    • Click Save

    • Click the name of the new user. 
    • Navigate to the Sales tab. 
    • Click the toggle switch to the right of Sales Pro (premium sales tools) to activate Sales Professional for this user. Alternatively, click the toggle switch to the right of Sales Starter to activate Sales Starter for this user.

  • Once you've transferred ownership of your records to the new user and given Sales Starter or Professional access to new users as needed, you can remove the old user/email address by returning to your account dropdown menu > Settings and selecting Users & Teams
  • Check the box to the left of the user and click Delete. To confirm, click Yes, remove user

Please note: when a user is deleted, all content (blog posts, pages, lists, workflows, reports, forms, etc.) they created will remain in your account. Any social messages published by the deleted user will remain publishedAny sequences, templates, and documents created by this user will remain; however, keep in mind that the deleted user must have shared their sales templates in order for other users to access them.