Why isn't there a comments section on my blog?

Last updated: January 8, 2016

In order for your blog to contain a comments section, under which readers can enter comments for your blog posts, one's blog template must contain a Blog Comments module. 

Please follow the steps below to learn how you can review your blog template and ensure it contains a Blog Comments module. 

  • First, navigate to Content > Content Settings > Blog > Templates in order to confirm which is the template that is being applied to your blog posts.
  • Next, navigate to Content > Design Manager to locate the template in question. It should be within a subfolder under Templates > Custom > Blog
  • Review your template to confirm whether it contains the required module or not.
  • If your template does not contain a Blog Comments module, you can add one by clicking on the arrow located on the left of the page, and then dragging the desired module into the template. Please remember to Publish Changes in the case you do add a new module to the template. 

Once you have ensured the presence of a Blog Comments module in your blog template, check your blog settings to see whether comments are allowed or not. 

  • Go to Content > Content Settings > Blog > Comments to review whether comments are allowed or not. If not, enable the setting accordingly and click on Save Changes

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