How to use Transactional Email in HubSpot

Last updated: March 6, 2017

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Transactional email allows you to send emails to your contact database for commerce receipts, account updates, terms of service changes, and more. Transactional emails are for relationship-based interactions, unlike marketing email, which is typically used to promote your content.

Please note: Transactional emails require the use of a unique, dedicated IP Address. Please contact your HubSpot customer success manager or sales representative for further details as Transactional email is a product add-on.

Creating a transactional email is similar to creating a marketing email with a few small differences. Follow the instructions here to create a transactional email:

  • Navigate to Content > Email.
  • Click Create new email.
  • Select a template of your choosing, give your email a name, and click Create.
  • Edit your email as normal. You can use personalization tokens in transactional emails, just as you would with your marketing emails. Learn more about personalization tokens here
  • On the Settings tab, enter the details of your email. In the Email Type dropdown, select Transactional.
  • Send or save your email:
    • If you are sending a one-off transactional email, such as a Terms of Service change, you can send or schedule your email from the Send or Schedule tab.
    • If you would like to use your transactional email in a workflow, you can do so by selecting the Save for automation radio button on the Recipients tab, then continuing to the Review tab and clicking Save for automation in the top right. Learn more about using emails in workflows here.
    • If you are integrating this transactional email with your own system to send receipts, for example, choose the option to Save for single send API. Please refer to the developer documentation when using Single Send API emails.

Now you're ready to employ Transactional emails to send contact-specific communications and further enhance your relationship with such contacts. Please note that Transactional emails can also be sent via our SMTP API

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