How do I create an Event for a clicked element?

Last updated: April 26, 2016

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Product: HubSpot Marketing
Subscription: Enterprise

There are two ways to create Enterprise Events for clicked elements on your website. The easiest method is using the Events bookmarklet which will automatically detect a selector for your element. Alternatively, events can also be created manually using an ID, class, or jQuery selector.

Using the Events bookmarklet:

  • Navigate to Reports > Events > click on 'Install bookmarklet' in the left-hand sidebar.

    install bookmarklet link
  • Drag the Create new Event button into your browser's bookmarks bar.

    installing events bookmarklet
    installing events bookmarklet
  • Open a page on your site where you want to track clicks (note: this page must have the HubSpot tracking code installed in order for the event to fire correctly).
  • Click on the Create new event shortcut in your browser.
  • Hover over the element that you want to track clicks on and click on the element. In the example below, the clicked event will track clicks on the Learn More link.

    select element for clicked event
    select element for clicked event
  • Name the event you're tracking. We recommend giving it a name in the past tense such as 'Clicked on the link' or 'Started a trial'. You can also give the event a tag so you can easily group and find the event later.
  • Then, click the button to create the event.

    name clicked event
    name clicked event
  • When the event is saved, the Event confirmation popup will appear after a few seconds.

    event created confirmation
    event created confirmation
  • Click on the link to 'View all Enterprise events' to see your event that was just created.
  • Click on the event's name to view the created event.

    created event
    created event
  • Moving forward, this event will track any clicks of the element on your page.

Using the Events tool:

  • Navigate to Reports > Events > Create New Event.
  • Name your Event.
  • Under 'Track type of event' choose the item: 'Clicked Element'.
  • Under 'For element', choose a unique class, ID,or JQuery Selector for the element.
  • Add a Page URL if you want to track an Event on a specific page.
  • Press 'Create report'.

    clicked element event
    clicked element event

Additional notes about Events

  • Events are only available for customers on the Enterprise product level
  • Events will only work on pages with the HubSpot tracking code installed.
  • Event completions update every 1-3 hours.

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