Set default notice and consent language for GDPR-enabled forms, lead flows, and meetings

Last updated: June 20, 2018


When you use the Notice and Consent (GDPR) field group in forms or lead flows or the Privacy and Consent (GDPR) option in meetings links, visitors to your form or meetings link will be asked for their consent to receiving communication from you and their consent to the processing and storing of their data. 

Please note: while these features live in HubSpot, your legal team is the best resource to give you compliance advice for your specific situation.

You can set the default language for these options in your settings.

  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon settings in the main navigation bar.
  • Click Contacts & Companies in the left sidebar menu, then click the Privacy and consent tab. 
  • Here you'll see a preview of the language that visitors to your GDPR-enabled forms and meetings will see by default. You can customize each of these sections individually:
    • Legitimate interest: let your visitors know that they can unsubscribe from your communications at any point if they're no longer interested in hearing from you, and link to information about unsubscribing and your privacy practices if applicable. Click Edit to the right of the Legitimate interest section to make changes. In the dialog box that appears, edit the text that appears in the text box, then click Save.
    • Privacy policy: give your visitors information about your privacy policies and practices, and offer a link to more information if applicable. Click Edit to the right of the Privacy Policy section to make changes. In the dialog box that appears, edit the text that appears in the text box, then click Save
    • Consent to communicate: give your visitors information about how and why you'd like to contact them, and let them know that you're offering them the option to consent to that communication. Click Edit to the right of the Consent to communicate section to make changes. In the dialog box that appears, edit the text that appears in the text box, then click Save.
    • Subscription type: click Edit to the right of Subscription types to select the subscription type that you'd like to prompt visitors to subscribe to by default, and customize language that accompanies that subscription type. In the dialog box that appears, use the dropdown menu to select a subscription type, then use the text box below to customize the language that will appear next to the subscription checkbox. Click Save.
    • Consent to process data: depending on the settings chosen on your individual forms or meetings links, visitors will see the explicit or implicit consent to process data language. You can customize the default language for either option by toggling between the Explicit and Implicit tabs and clicking Edit to the right of the text you'd like to customize. For the explicit consent option, let visitors know that they need to check the box to consent to the storing and processing of their personal data. For the implicit consent option, let visitors know that by submitting their information, they are consenting to the storing and processing of their personal data. 

Please note: changes made here will apply to all new GDPR-enabled forms and meetings links created going forward, unless you have customized the notice and consent language on the form or meetings link itself. Any customization made to individual forms and meetings will override these default settings.

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