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Associate external website pages with a campaign

Last updated: March 18, 2024

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

Marketing Hub   Professional , Enterprise

If your website is not hosted on HubSpot, you can still add external website pages to a campaign from the campaign's details page. You can also add external website pages as a campaign step in a campaign template.

You can then manage and report on the campaign with both HubSpot assets and your external pages. After associating your external website page with a campaign, contacts who have viewed the external website page will be attributed to the campaign as an influenced contact.
Associate external website pages with a campaign 

Before associating your external website pages, installing the HubSpot tracking code on the external page is strongly recommended to track analytics. To associate an external website page with a campaign: 

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Marketing > Campaigns.
  • Click on a campaign.
  • In the top left, click Add assets.
  • In the left sidebar menu, click External website pages.
  • In the top right, click Add external website page
  • In the Website URL field, enter your website URL. Then, click Save or Save and add another. The external website page will be automatically selected and added to the campaign. Learn more about managing your campaign assets


  • After creating the external website page, in the Add assets dialog box: 
    • To edit the URL for the external website page, hover over the page and click Edit. In the right panel, update the website URL, then click Edit. Any updates made to the URL will affect all associated campaigns. 
    • To delete the external website page, hover over the page and click Delete. This will permanently delete the external website page from all associated campaigns. 
    • After creating or editing your external website page assets:
      • To close the dialog box, click the X in the top right.
      • To add another existing external website page to the campaign, select the checkbox next to the page, then click Save. Each external website page can be associated with multiple campaigns. 
Please note: when cloning a campaign, any existing external website page assets will also be associated with the cloned campaign. When reviewing the external website page asset, the asset will display a This URL is part of [number of campaigns] campaign message.

Review your external website page performance 

When reviewing the performance of your external website pages:

  • To track analytics for your external pages in the campaigns tool, your HubSpot tracking code must be installed on the external page. 
  • The page views metric will include historical data from prior to the association with the campaign.
    • This metric is not tied to the date and time the external website page was associated with the campaign.
    • To apply specific date ranges to your data, you can use the Date range filter at the top of the Performance tab.
  • Generally, the campaign's page views metric and Google Analytics, or any other non-HubSpot systems, will not match exactly. Learn more about the possible reasons for this discrepancy
Learn how to analyze individual campaigns in the campaign's Performance tab. You can also review additional metrics for external website pages in the traffic analytics tool.
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