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Create campaigns using campaign templates (BETA)

Last updated: February 21, 2023

In Beta

Applies to:

Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise

From the campaigns tool, you can create a campaign from scratch or use a campaign template to collaborate with your team and guide you along.

A campaign template provides you with a documented set of steps to create high-impact, repeatable marketing campaigns. You can also use these steps to keep track of campaign creation processes.

Please note: this article includes information about beta features. To opt in, click Beta > Try out campaign templates in the bottom left of your campaigns dashboard.

To create campaigns from a campaign template:  

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Marketing > Campaigns.
  • In the upper right, click Create campaign > Start from template.
  • In the dialog box, select a template that matches your campaign goals. 
  • In the dialog box, enter a Campaign name. If you have the Business Units add-on, You can also select a Business unit.  
  • Click Create campaign

Manage campaign steps

Steps make it easy for you and your team to stay on track while working on a campaign. You can add information and instructions, and associate assets to your campaign in a purposeful order.

When setting up your steps, associating an asset from the campaign details page or the asset's editor will not automatically create a step. The step must be manually created in the campaign template editor.   

To manage your campaign steps:

  • To add a new step, from the left panel, click and drag a step into the editor.
  • To rearrange the order of your steps, click and drag the step to the desired position in the editor.
  • To edit a step:
    • On the step, click the edit pencil icon
    • In the left panel, you can edit the Step name, Step description, and Step type


  • To associate an asset with a step, or change the associated asset: 
    • In the step, click Add asset.
    • To add an existing asset, in the left panel, click the Choose [asset] dropdown menu.
    • To add a new asset:
      • Click Create [asset]. This will direct you to the asset's dashboard. 
      • Once you've finished creating your new asset, select the asset from the Choose [asset] dropdown menu.
  • To remove an asset from a step:
    • Click X next to the asset's name.
    • In the dialog box, click Remove
  • To complete a step, click the checkmark to the left of the step. Once a step is completed, the progress bar will reflect accordingly.
  • To delete a step:
    • Click the delete trash icon next to the step.
    • In the dialog box, click Delete.


Configure your campaign settings 

In the Settings tab, set up your campaign details. You can change any of your campaign details after the campaign is created. To configure your campaign settings:
  • Click the Settings tab. Then, enter your campaign details: 
    • Campaign name: this should be a unique name that other users in your HubSpot account will easily understand.
    • Campaign owner: assign a campaign owner to your campaign. 
    • Start date: set a start date for your campaign. You can also set an end date for this campaign. These dates will be reflected in your marketing calendar
    • Campaign color: select a campaign color to organize and prioritize your campaigns. Any tasks you associate with your campaign will feature the selected color in your marketing calendar.
    • Goal: use a goal to summarize the objective of your campaign. You can customize specific targets like number of contacts or influenced revenue after you've created the campaign.
    • Audience: specify an audience to help your team understand who your campaign is targeting.
    • Currency: select a currency for your campaign budget.
    • Budget: set a budget to keep track of campaign costs. 
    • Spend: the amount spent on the campaign. 
    • Notes: add notes to keep track of any other essential details.
  • After setting up your campaign settings, click Save and view. You will be redirected to the campaign's details page.


Access your campaign template

Once you've created your campaign, you can access the campaign template on your campaign details page. To access your campaign template:
    • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Marketing > Campaign
    • Click on the name of a campaign.
    • To access your campaign template, in the top right, click Edit campaign.

Manage your campaign assets

Not all assets will require a step. Steps present the how and why of the campaign's creation process, whereas assets are the touchpoints your customers interact with, such as emails, forms, and more. Instead of adding a step, you can also add assets on the campaign details page.

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Marketing > Campaign.
  • Click on the name of a campaign.
  • To manually associate an asset with a campaign, In the top right, click Actions > Add assets. Do note the following:
    • This will not automatically create a new step for the asset in the campaign template editor.
    • If you want to organize all assets in the campaign template editor, add a new step to the template. Then, add the asset to the step.   
  • To manage all associated assets, including assets added through a step in the campaign editor or from the campaign details page, click the Assets tab.

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