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Last updated: October 19, 2018

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This guide walks through how to create a CTA in HubSpot that is attractive, compelling, and effective. For more on why you should be using CTAs across your website, blog, and email content, and the best practices for using CTAs, check out this article.

Navigate to Calls-to-Action

In your HubSpot Marketing Basic, Professional, or Enterprise account, navigate to Content > Calls-to-Action.

Create a new CTA

In the upper right-hand corner, click Create CTA.

Design your CTA

In the editor sidebar menu, you'll first be brought to the Design step. Here, you can customize the following: 

  1. Button type: Click the Custom Button tab to create a CTA button with custom details, or click the Image Button tab to upload an image that can be used as your CTA. Read more about image CTAs and retina optimization here. When you click the Image Button tab, you'll then click Upload to upload an image for your CTA, and then click Next to proceed to the next step. The information below walks through what you can customize when you click the Custom Button tab.
  2. Button content: In the text box, type the words visitors will see on your CTA button (e.g., Schedule a demo). You can also add emojis here. Your contacts and visitors will see the native emoji style for the device they're using (Mac, Windows, Chrome, Android, etc.).
  3. Button style: Use the dropdown menu to select a style for your CTA button. 
  4. Button color: Click the colored circle to choose a color or enter a custom color hex value in the color field.
  5. Advanced options: Click Advanced options to customize your CTA's pixel padding and CSS styling. 

Click Next at the bottom right when you're done.

Configure your CTA options

In this step, you can configure the following CTA options:

  • CTA Internal name: for organizational purposes, enter a name for your CTA that only you and the users in your account will be able to see. 
  • URL Redirect type:
    • Select External website URL to link your CTA to an external page outside HubSpot, then enter the website URL into the Enter URL field that appears below.
    • Select COS page or blog post to link your CTA to one of your HubSpot pages or blog posts, then select the page or post in the Choose a COS page or blog post dropdown that appears below.
    • Select Meeting link to link your CTA to a HubSpot Sales meeting link, then select the meeting link in the Choose a meeting link dropdown that appears below.
  • Link a HubSpot campaign: if you'd like to associate your CTA analytics with a campaign, select one of your campaigns here.

Click Save at the bottom right when you're done.

Enter the link for the CTA

Your finished CTA will now show at the top of the sidebar editor. Click the pencil icon at the top to edit the internal name. Additionally, you can click one of the following: 

  • Finish: Your CTA will be saved in your HubSpot account and you can access it under Content > Calls-to-Action
  • Create smart version: create a smart CTA following these instructions.
  • Create multivariate test: you can create a second version of your CTA so you will have version A and version B to test with your contacts and visitors. 

Review your new CTA

Your CTA will now live in your CTA dashboard under Content > Calls-to-Action. Hover over your CTA and click Preview to see your CTA in a preview sidebar menu. You can also click Actions and then choose one of the following: 

  • Edit: Make changes to your CTA. 
  • Create multivariate test: Create a second version of your CTA to test version A and version B with your contacts and visitors.  
  • Create smart version: Make your CTA smart following these instructions.
  • View details: See analytics for your CTA including the number of views, clicks, and submissions.
  • Clone: Create an exact copy of your CTA. 
  • Embed code: Add your CTA to one of your external pages by copying and pasting the embed code.
  • Delete: Delete your CTA.

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