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Root domain not loading

Last updated: June 28, 2023

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If your website has SSL enabled, you may notice the root domain not loading over https. For example, the root domain may load as instead of  

This occurs when the root domain doesn't have an SSL certificate enabled. To resolve this issue, connect your root domain to HubSpot:

  • After you connect your root domain, HubSpot's SSL service will be applied to the domain and you can redirect traffic from the root domain to a subdomain over both http and https.
  • You can also host content directly on the root domain instead of setting up a redirect.

To redirect traffic from a root domain to a subdomain ( to, connect the root domain as a redirect domain and redirect it to the subdomain. 

To redirect traffic from a subdomain to a root domain ( to, connect the root domain first, then the subdomain as a redirect domain. 

Redirecting the root domain to the subdomain over https isn't always necessary. If you hosted content under the secure root domain ( before migrating your website to HubSpot, your pages may still be indexed by Google under the root domain. To confirm if this is the case, you can enter site:[mydomain].com into Google to only search for pages under that domain.

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