How to analyze your landing page performance

Last updated: June 14, 2016

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At this stage, you've learned how to create your landing pages in HubSpot and they've had some time out there in the world to convert some visitors into contacts. After they've collected some information, you can look back on your active landing pages and analyze how they have performed for you. Did they convert as many contacts as you hoped they would? How many visitors became new contacts from your landing page? In the analyze section of your landing page dashboard, you can see this information to understand what you did well and what you can improve on for your next landing page.

Navigate to your landing pages

From your HubSpot Dashboard, navigate to Content > Landing Pages.

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Choose a specific landing page to analyze

To dig further into analyzing a specific landing page, click on the name of the published landing page.

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You'll be taken to the performance tab by default. Here, you will be able to toggle between Views, Submissions, New Contacts, and Customers within a given time range (which will default to All Time). 

The graph below will adjust to show the different data you toggle on. 

You can also click on the individual numbers under submissions, contacts, and customers to see the names of the contacts who fit those criteria.

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How you toggle the data between Views, Submissions, New Contacts, and Customers will determine what appears in the sources graph that displays at the bottom of the Performance tab.


On this tab, you can learn how to further optimize your current landing page. Click the Optimization tab to check out this information.

On the left-hand side of this area are a set of links to show you how you can optimize different aspects of your page. You're first taken to the On Page SEO section which will give suggestions for improving meta description, your page title, internal links, and more.

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Click on Keywords to see how many keywords from your Keywords tool are ranking within the top 100 Search Engine results for this page.

Click on Inbound Links to see how many external URLs are being linked to your landing page.

Click on CTAs to see a list of Calls-to-Action that appear on your page and performance data for each.

Click on Internal Links to see how many of your own URLs are being linked to this landing page.

If you are not seeing any data within the sections on the Optimization tab, click the Check this page for SEO errors button in the On Page SEO section.

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