How to improve SEO for your pages using Page Performance data

Last updated: June 29, 2016

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The Page Performance tool analyzes the SEO elements of every page of your website. The report provides recommendations on how to improve your SEO through its suggestions about your site page components, including the meta description, page title, and calls-to-action. The purpose of the SEO report is to help you optimize these elements to increase incoming traffic from search engines.

Go to Reports > Page Performance

From your HubSpot Marketing Dashboard, navigate to Reports > Page Performance.

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Find a page to optimize

To narrow the search to your website pages, filter the All Pages dropdown menu to Website Pages. It's best to focus on optimizing one page at a time.

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Locate the page that you want to optimize. Remember to look for a page with a yellow alert. For a refresher on the SEO icons, read this article.

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Review the On Page SEO errors

Now it's time to dive in to looking at the details of the SEO suggestions for each page. See what you're doing well and discover areas where you can improve your On Page SEO. Click on an SEO icon to begin.

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Page Optimization

The Page Optimization screen assesses your on-page SEO elements. Search engines analyze these elements to determine what your page is about. There are seven elements to optimize:

  • Meta Description
  • H1 Tags
  • Page Title
  • Images
  • Calls-to-Action
  • Internal Links
  • Page Load

Check out this On Page SEO worksheet to help you optimize your website pages.

First, take a look at the the overall page details where you can see the On Page SEO rating as well as the amount of individual elements on the page, such as the number of inbound links to the page and the ranked keywords. For more details on a specific element, click on its link from the left side menu.

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Review SEO errors and suggestions

You can see all the SEO errors on this page. Read the recommendation that HubSpot provides, especially if the page has serious errors such as a missing meta description or if your page title is too long. You can click the + icon to expand a section and read its recommendations.

If you do not want to fix certain errors, such as not adding a call-to-action to a page, click Dismiss. If you wish to dismiss all of the suggestions, click on Dismiss all.

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Make the SEO recommended changes

From the SEO Page Optimization screen, you can go directly to the page to edit it and fix the error(s) shown in the report.

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Refresh the Page Performance report

When you have finished making your changes, click the Refresh page data button at the bottom of the page to reflect your updates.

If you have made the proper modifications to your SEO elements, the yellow warning icons should turn into green checkmarks.

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Reset Suggestions

If you dismissed suggestions previously, but then you decide that you want to reset them, click the Reset all link within any given section or Reset suggestions for all sections from the button at the bottom.

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