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Understand 'Original source drill-down' properties

Last updated: September 14, 2021

Applies to:

All products and plans

Original source drill-down 1 and Original source drill-down 2 are two analytics properties included on every contact record. These drill-downs provide more insight on a contact's original source (i.e., the contact's first visit or interaction with your business). Their values depend on the value of the Original source property.

Please note: older HubSpot accounts may have the properties Original source data 1 and Original source data 2 instead, which contain the same information.

When viewing the Original source drill-down 2 property on a record, some values will appear with an info information icon to show the internal value. Drill-down property values that don't show an info information icon will display the internal value, for example addMessageUser. These internal values should be used when filtering contacts by their Original source drill-down properties. 

If HubSpot is able to identify the visit as coming from a web source, you should expect that contact to have original sources related to typical web sources (for example, Direct traffic or Paid search).

Please note: if a contact's Original source value is manually changed by a user, their Original source drill-down properties will be cleared.

Below are the general drill-down categories and values by Original source:

Original source Original source drill-down 1 Original source drill-down 2
Organic search Search term (if available) Search engine site
Referrals Referring website domain Referring website URL
Organic social Social media site Campaign name
Email marketing Campaign name HubSpot email name
Paid search Campaign name Search term (if available)
Paid social Social media site Campaign name
Direct traffic Entrance URL N/A
Other campaigns Campaign name Source / Medium
Offline sources Offline channel/tool/platform. Examples include:
Specific offline medium
(e.g., BCC_TO_CRM, business-card-scanner, CRM_UI, salesforce-createdby, addMessageUser, addViewer)
If a contact uses an ad-blocker, it may block HubSpot's tracking cookies. As a result, a contact's Original source value can be Offline sources, even if they originated from a web source. For example, a contact whose first interaction was a chat on your website could have an Offline sources value if the tracking cookies were blocked.
Some commonly seen values in Original source drill-down 2 include: