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Track and report on your Facebook and Instagram ads in HubSpot

Last updated: March 25, 2024

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Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

All products and plans

You can track and report on your Facebook ad campaigns, ad sets, and ads in your HubSpot account.

When you connect your Facebook ad account to HubSpot, you can enable auto-tracking, which will automatically apply a set of UTM parameters to all supported ad types in your account.

Supported ad types

HubSpot can track most Facebook and Instagram ads, but some ad types are not supported due to API limitations. Learn more about the differences between ad tracking and reporting in HubSpot. 

Facebook ads

Ad type Tracking Reporting
Lead Ad
Newsfeed Ad
Promoted FB Instant Articles  
Ads using Instant Article placement
Messenger Ads  

Please note: Facebook campaigns with Outcome-Driven Ad Experiences (ODAX) objectives set to OUTCOME_LEADS will not be tracked.

Instagram ads

Ad type Tracking Reporting
Lead Ad  
Feed Ad  
Story Ad  

URL and engagement requirements

To track Facebook Ads in your HubSpot account, the following requirements must be met. If you meet all the requirements but receive errors, check out the tracking troubleshooting guide.
  • The final URL in the Facebook ad must be a full URL and not shortened by a link shortener (e.g.,, with the exception of Link shorteners strip parameters from the end of the URL and prevents tracking.
  • The URL in the Facebook ad cannot redirect because HubSpot's tracking parameters are stripped during redirects. Only use the final, non-redirecting version of a URL. This includes http to https redirects.
  • Existing ads must have fewer than 20 engagements when you first connect your Facebook Ads account to HubSpot to be tracked. This prevents Facebook's ad optimization algorithm from being reset.
    • In HubSpot's ads tool, engagements are calculated by the total number of comments, shares, and reactions to the post. This can differ from how Facebook calculates engagements. Learn more about post engagements in Facebook ads
    • If an ad has 20 or more engagements, you can override the limit to apply HubSpot tracking.

Please note: if you share data from your HubSpot account with Facebook as part of the HubSpot Ads integration, Facebook's ad terms will apply. When you authorize the integration, HubSpot receives a user token with permissions on the connected ad accounts and pages. HubSpot can view but does not store all the ad accounts and pages you have permission for. Facebook will share settings details (e.g., name, budget, bid strategy, creative) and performance metrics (impressions, clicks, etc.) for all campaigns, ad sets, and ads in the ad accounts you connected.

UTM parameters

HubSpot tracks Facebook ads by adding the following URL parameters to each ad:

utm_campaign={Name of Ad campaign}


hsa_src=[SOURCE_SITE_NAME] - set to Facebook or Instagram automatically
hsa_la={true} - for lead ads, {false} or absent otherwise
hsa_ol={true} - for organic leads from lead ads, {false} or absent otherwise

These parameters are automatically added when your Facebook Ads account is connected to HubSpot. Any changes made to the UTM parameters in Facebook Ads will not be overwritten by HubSpot. HubSpot's ads tool updates multiple times a day to ensure new ads are being tracked.

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