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What are inbound links in the content strategy tool and why do they matter?

Last updated: October 9, 2017

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An inbound link is a link from an external domain pointing towards one of your pages. For example, if you ran, and had a link to your site, then that would count as one inbound link.

Google uses inbound links as one of its main sources for gauging the quality of your content. Having inbound links from sites with information relevant to your site's main focus will help increase your SEO as well as referral traffic to your site.

See your number of inbound links

Your content strategy tool will show you the aggregate number of inbound links to all pieces of content within a topic cluster. You can access this information by navigating to Content > Strategy. In each topic cluster widget, the number for Inbound Links represents the number of inbound links for your topic cluster. 

See the quality of your inbound links

You can also gain some insight into the quality of these inbound links. Inbound links from authoritative and relevant sites are considered of higher quality than sites with information that's not relevant to your core topic. To see the quality of your links: 

  • Click on the name of your topic cluster from the topic cluster widget as shown above. 
  • Click into one of your subtopic bubbles
  • If any low-quality inbound links are present, the sidebar on the left will show an in-app message reading, Low quality inbound links.

For tips on how to get more inbound links, check out this blog post which provides tips on getting sites to link to your content.

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